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Plasma and TIG processes. Automatic welding applications

Plasma and TIG processes used in automatic applications


The plasma arc: a natural phenomenon tamed by Air Liquide Welding. The term plasma applies to gases at temperatures exceeding 3000 °C at atmospheric pressure. On the temperature scale, it can be regarded as the fourth state of matter after the solid, liquid and gaseous states.

The plasma is made up of excited ions, electrons, atoms or molecules; it occurs in nature, generated by lightning, for example. Since about 1960, and largely due to Air Liquide Welding, the word plasma has gained a new meaning, referring to the high-energy state caused by constricting an electrical arc by means of a diaphragm or nozzle.









Plasma + TIG welding process

When the length of the panels to be assembled reaches 3 to 4 meters, a boiler-making or tube fabrication workshop
using a discontinuous forming process (rolling mill or press) can be restricted by the welding speed obtained with a single-torch plasma process.

Air Liquide Welding, an innovative specialist in TIG and plasma processes, has been able to integrate the two processes into a single installation which can improve productivity by 30 to 50 %.



Aluminium welding using the automaticTIG process 5 DC TIG


Air Liquide Welding have developed a variation of the TIG process to guarantee success in your automatic welding work. Variable polarity TIG ensures continuous decoating, a high-quality weld bead, total control of the weld pool and perfect fading for finishing off the weld bead.





Plasma welding in the workshop

Use of plasma or TIG processes or flat longitudinal or circular welding of stainless steel, noble metals, steels or aluminium. Manufacture of all types of product for the petrochemical, agriculture/food processing, aeronautical industries etc.


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Vertical boiler work


Use of plasma or TIG processes for horizontal welding of stainless steel, noble metals, steels or aluminium. Manufacture of storage equipment for agriculture/food processing, petrochemical industries etc…


Turntable capacities: 5T, 10T and 15T. For other requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Plasma welding for prefabricated pipe work

Prefabrication of pipe work is carried out upstream of installation. It enables sub-assemblies to be prepared and welded from basic components (pipes, flanges, elbows etc…) in the workshop. It is used in a variety of industrial sectors:

  • shipbuilding and off-shore platforms,
  • refineries and power stations,
  • chemical and agriculture/food processing plants,
  • gas expansion and distribution
    stations etc.





Multi-purpose welding installation to enable the following processes to be used in automatic applications:
• DC TIG with smooth or pulsed current
• AC TIG with variable polarity,
• DC plasma with smooth or pulsed current, This equipment is offered in several versions.



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This installation meets the highest quality standards for welding and productivity for industries as diverse as boiler-making using stainless steels, aeronautics using noble metals, chemical engineering, energy production, transformation and transport as well as prefabrication of gas and petrol pipelines etc.


NERTAMATIC 450 plasma + TIG bicathode installation

NERTAMATIC 450 plasma + TIG bicathode installation

This tool is ideal for assembling panels for the prefabrication of vessels longer than 4 meters and carrying out circular welds for diameters greater than 2 meters.



Suitable for all machine types:

  • video surveillance,
  • oscillation or magnetic deviation of TIG arc,
  • hot wire feed.




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The microplasma process is used for welding fine thicknesses of the noble metals such as stainless steel, inconel, titanium, zirconium, alloys of silver and gold etc. For the electric and electronics components industries, small containers, metal filters and tool repairs as well as sectors of the horology, silversmith and medical industries.

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1 – Mould repairs
2 – Motors and transformers
3 – Probes
4 – Measuring instruments

5 – Decompensator bellows
6 – Fine sheet metalwork
7 – Jewellery
8 – Filters

Deconfined plasma

The SP150 torch is specially built for automatic welding using the deconfined plasma process. It is used for intensive production and is suitable for all machine types. The most recent applications are the production of melt-runs, small weld beads or very repetitive welding.

The installation can also use the control arc double-flux TIG process using smooth or pulsed current. Plasma is an evolution of the TIG process which brings many opportunities for increasing your productivity.bbwbig硕大无比膨胀最新章节目录_bbwbig硕大无比膨胀 bbwbig硕大无比膨胀最新章节目录_bbwbig硕大无比膨胀 ,成都耍耍网2最新章节目录_成都耍耍网2最新章节列表 成都耍耍网2最新章节目录_成都耍耍网2最新章节列表